The Concept
The Market

Non Laser Tattoo Removal is a crisis-proof business concept in the lucrative field of beauty/wellness, which according to the experts is still an area of huge growth compared to other industries. It has often been reported in the media how dangerous, painful and tedious laser treatment can be. Scientifics and MD’s share this opinion, as far as they do not work with laser by themselves. Other methods practiced are particularly questionable with regard to the brutal treatment of the skin. Common sense tells us no one has to endure pain and take risks in order to remove a tattoo. Skinial currently offers the most efficient method to remove a tattoo.

People Tattooed up to 21%
Tattooed who already thought about taking away their tattoo or part of it up to 70%
Women 60%
Who is this business suited to?
Our Locations

According to the legal and commercial environments of the country Skinial offers different concepts to learn and practice “SKINIAL-Non Laser Tattoo Removal“. In some countries Franchise is offered in others seminars for special professionals are given. This business is suited for persons who ideally come from the field of medicine or cosmetics, who are still active in this domain or find it appealing to work in this field. Our target group are cosmetic studios, medical professions like nurses, doctors and pharmacies, permanent make up technicians as well as clinics. There are only 15 sqm necessary and professionals as well as doctors could easily ad this service to their general offer. Clients request automatically by Internet as every studio has is one URL.

skinial studio
skinial studio

Skinial was founded in 2011 and is already present in many countries and on several continents. New countries are coming soon. And we expect finding partners in all countries worldwide within a few years.

Is it expensive?

No! Skinial tattoo removal is an economical business opportunity, which makes it ideal to run as a part time or full time business or adding the service to an existing menu of treatments.

How much does it take to get started?

Provided you have a proper room, everything can develop quickly. An average studio can be opened within two months.


1. Margins of 75% – 80%

There are few concepts that can boast a 75% – 80% margin.

 2. Without pressure

There is no minimum purchase or on-going fees, all our business partners can develop the business without pressure from Skinial.

3. Secondary business activity

The concept foresees the activity of tattoo removal as a secondary business activity or as an additional service to existing cosmetic or medical services.

4. Light concept

The concept is “light”, i.e. the administration will not become overloaded, resulting in costs going through the roof, as is the case with many large, successful business concepts. We sit down each day to consider how we can work more efficiently and improve our network. This should ensure that in future, our business partners continue to achieve profits.

How do I find my customers?

There are those who love their tattoos, and those who want to get rid of them as soon as possible. People who want their tattoos removed will do a lot of research to find your Skinial Studio. We help to make your services known at a regional level, inclusive of your own website, which automatically generates half of your clients. In many cases a high percentage of requests for information will reach you from our website. We will also help you with promotional and advertising ideas for your business.

What is my next step to the Skinial Studio?